Using asset labels to keep equipment safe

There are many companies who are getting rid of permanent staff and hiring temps to cut back on overheads. This can be a good idea and can result in increased flexibility in terms of contracts won and lost and can also mean that laying off of unneeded staff never needs to happen.

The downside of this however is that keeping track of company property becomes an issue.

One way a company which uses temporary or field staff can keep track of all the items it owns is by using asset labels. Asset labels can be attached to mobile phones, computers, printers and even office stationery items so that all these items can be located quickly and easily. And if any item goes missing it can be identified on a computer system.

If you use asset labels alongside a computer database or spreadsheet you can keep accurate records of where all your company items can be located and when they were last recorded as part of an inventory check. The asset labels can even feature branding such as a logo or personal message so the item can be instantly recognisable as the property of a certain person or company.

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