Uses of security labels

There are numerous applications for security labels which are normally dependent on sector or individual requirements.

Some security seals can be used to prevent, or more accurately provide evidence of, tampering of pieces of equipment or products. There are two main categories of security labels which can be used to provide evidence of tampering.

• Tamper evident seals – these labels spilt apart if anyone attempts to remove them. They cannot be removed in one piece. These labels cannot then be re-used or re-attached.
• Void labels – these are labels designed so that even once removed they leave the word void on the product. These labels cannot then be re-used or re-attached.
The uses of such labels are almost endless:
• A visual deterrent to minimise the misuse or tampering of labelled items
• Labeling equipment or property of a company, including logos and a numbering system, to provide visual immediate evidence of ownership
• Ensuring panels are not removed from pieces of equipment except by authorised personnel
• Labels could be used as packaging seals to provide evidence that it has not been opened
• DVD or CD-ROMs cases could have labels applied to provide a further level of protection for your data
• Such labels even have applications in aircraft and vehicle security

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