Use security labels to protect valuable assets

Safeguarding company equipment is very important if a business wants to avoid financial losses. And one of the best ways to keep track of all the equipment you own is to have an asset register of all your assets.

The best way to implement than asset register is to label each and every asset you own and enter this information into a database, which can be accessed at the touch of a button. However, as well as standard asset labels that might feature an asset number or asset code, there are more many ways that you can improve asset security by using asset labels.

Security labels

Tamper proof asset labels are a great way of protecting the assets you own whilst also providing proof that an asset may have been tampered with. If a tamper proof label is removed from the equipment, the word ‘void’ will remain on the equipment. Some of these labels also break up easily so can be reaffixed if they are removed.

Security asset labels are a great way of labelling expensive computer equipment that may be tampered with or could cause financial loss to a company if lost.

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