Types of asset tags and fixing requirements

It’s easy to keep a track of all your business assets when you use asset tags. Asset tags can be used to identify everything you own, right from your laptop computer to the large manufacturing machine you have in the production suite at your manufacturing plant.

It’s important to know that some asset tags are manufactured specifically so that they cannot be tampered with. Or if they are tampered with the owner of the equipment can know easily that this has happened.

Where to fix asset tags

When you attach an asset tag into a new item it’s really easy to fix the asset tag in place. Some asset tags can be affixed using an adhesive backing which is applied to the paper or metal substrate. Other asset tags can be clipped into place using plastic ties and some asset tags can even be braised or welded into place.
The place you choose to fix your asset tag should not hinder the machine or item’s use in any way. It’s also important to fix the tag in a location where tag wear will be minimal but the tag will still be easily visible to the person using the item.

If you need tamperproof asset tags these can feature a permanent adhesive so the tag cannot be peeled away, yet if the label is in any way tampered with a ‘void’ message is left in the tag’s place.

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