Two types of warehouse labels

Barcode labels are being used with increasing frequency in industry in consumable tracking and processing. The current economic crisis has seen us all tighten our belts over the last year or two, so it comes as no surprise that industry needs to keep a greater track of the products it uses to increase business efficiencies.

Container labels

Barcode labels are the perfect way of identifying different containers around your industrial site. Container labels usually feature some type of over-lamination substrate so that the image on the label will not fade or be tarnished by the rough environment where it is situated. Container labels can be fitted to curved or flat surfaces and be read quickly and efficiently using a barcode scanner.

Pallet labels

Pallet barcode labels are also seeing an increase in numbers at industrial sites as a way of keeping track of stock. When each pallet has a barcode label attached to it, stock levels into and out of the factory can be recorded and an up-to-date database kept of this stock inventory, which can be used for restocking or further supply purposes.

When factory goods are recorded properly using barcodes, there is less likelihood that stock will go missing or will be used inefficiently, bringing cash benefits to the company using them.

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