Two types of security label to help you prevent theft

For businesses with a large amount of stock, equipment or tools, security is a serious concern. Items can go missing or be stolen, and this is even more likely if there are no effective asset management or security systems in place.

There are many things you can do to keep track of stock and assets. Many business owners use barcode labels and asset tags along with asset management software to effectively keep track of everything belonging to the business. What some business owners don’t know, however, is that these barcode labels can also be used as a deterrent to theft.

You can now get security labels from barcode label suppliers which are specially designed to be tamper-proof. There are two main types:

Tamper evident destructible labels. These labels cannot be removed as a whole. If someone does try to remove or tamper with them, they split into noticeable fragments.

VOID polyester security labels. Rather than breaking apart when tampered with, these labels show up the word ‘VOID’ if the covering label is removed. The label cannot be re-used, effectively labelling the product as having been tampered with.

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