Tracking lost items using barcode labels

One of the best ways to keep a check on all the items you own is to have a database which records each and every item and its location. This database can be a comprehensive list of all the assets you own and can even be a filtered depending on the type of search you are conducting. Asset location can be filtered or even asset type. For those assets which require electrical safety checks, a filter can also be applied so that those items which are out of date can be highlighted. In this way it’s easy to see what a difference an asset database can make.

It’s easy to keep a database of all the items you own, the difficult part is trying to find the assets when it comes to the annual inventory check. Part of the database may highlight the item’s general location, but if the item is a portable appliance and you are the owner of large industrial premises it’s not uncommon for items to move between departments quite readily and be in a location far from where they should be.

New asset tags can be fitted with a barcode label which makes the tracking of items across your industrial site much easier. A simple scan with a barcode is all that is needed to keep track of the item. When a complete stock take has taken place, a filter can be applied which highlights missing or lost items so the whereabouts of these items can then be traced.

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