Tough & Durable Barcode Labels

It is of little value to you or to your customer if the nice neat barcode label you have added to a product becomes unreadable or beginning to look a little worse for wear after a few short weeks or days. If your product is going into a standard retail environment such as a shop or supermarket, it may not have to be made of anything but a standard paper; it will normally be in controlled conditions.

However, barcode labels are also needed for businesses where the product could be going into extreme hot or cold environments, or it could possibly be spending part or all of its time outdoors for any length of time, near or exposed to chemicals something different will be required.

We have been supplying labels that are fully developed and are tough and strong enough to be able to withstand just about anything that is thrown at it. As well as manufacturing a label from the right sort of material, we van supply over laminated labels which will withstand the heat or the clod and even adverse weather such as rain or sleet. The adhesive is all important and we have a range of specialist adhesives designed to meet just about anything with losing their adhesion.

Contact us any let us know what kind of condition your product is likely to encounter and we will advise the best barcode label for you.

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