Tips for Developing Purposeful Packaging for you Brand

People’s tastes are changing when it comes to packaging, is it recyclable? Does it impact my environmental footprint? Is it sustainable? These factors are what is driving consumers when it comes to looking at products and identifying with brands, and packaging can make a big statement about your company values, the products you sell and your brand, so packaging planning is key to creating the right message.
Creating purposeful packaging is making sure that your packaging does more than just being a container for your product. It is packaging that encompasses extra benefits, more functionality, your values and enhances the consumer experience.

Studies have shown that consumers buy products and services from brands and companies that align with their values and preferences, with many being willing to spend more on sustainable products and prioritising buying products and services from companies that they trust.

Consumer preferences and innovation is pushing sustainable packaging forward, especially as people are moving to brands that embrace environmental responsibility. Companies in turn are communicating these values through their products, with packaging fast becoming one of the most important mediums for communicating these practices and providing information to consumers about the products they are buying.
It is good practice to be transparent with your information on your packaging because where you source materials and ingredients for your products is a big selling point, especially if they are from sustainable sources. Being transparent is also key to building brand loyalty, and can separate your products from your competitors.

There is no one-size-fit-all when it comes to packaging, but with the proper consumer insights and by targeting your audience you can choose the best attributes for your unique selling points while gain customers and brand loyalty.

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