Three uses for asset labels

Asset labels are a great way of identifying products or goods, however they can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Identifying similar items

There are many situations by which a company will have more than one of the same item. It thus becomes very difficult to differentiate between these items. The best way to determine which item is which is to use asset labels. Asset labels can be stuck on every item so the item is easy identifiable.

Providing proof of ownership

If asset labels are used on an item they act as proof of ownership. This is especially useful for firms who hire items to the general public or for large organisations which have many different departments where items can be lost.

Electrical safety checks

Portable electrical items need to be checked for safety on a regular basis. One of the best ways of identifying if an item has been checked is to use asset labels. The asset labels can let the user know when the item was last checked and when the next check is due.

There are also asset labels which can be used to provide security to items such as labels which display void when they are removed or labels which break up into many parts if they are tampered with.

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