Three types of asset labels

There are many different types of asset labels available for use in different applications. These can be affixed to a host of different assets and come with their own specific features, which makes them suitable for use in these applications.

Vinyl asset labels

Vinyl asset labels are a step up from standard paper asset labels. The adhesive used on these labels forms a strong bond with most surfaces, so the labels can be secured to the asset. When the glue hardens on these labels the labels are practically impossible to move.

Void asset labels

If you need to know if an asset label has been tampered with, you should use a ‘void’ asset label. A void asset label is thus perfect for those companies who rent items to customers or who have to protect sensitive items such as personal computers from being tampered with. Void asset labels leave a ‘void’ symbol on the label when they are tampered with, so that the owner of the goods or merchandise knows this is the case.

Security labels

Security labels give a clear message to would-be thieves. The label shows that the item is being traced so that theft is actively discouraged.

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