Three distinct types of barcode label

The pricing and selling of goods has been made much simpler since the introduction of barcode labels just a few decades ago. Generally the barcode is printed onto the product at the time when this is in its final stages and a label is attached, but there are also barcode labels available which can be affixed to any product at any point in the product’s life-cycle.

The most common barcode label used after a product has been completed is the standard stick on label which is an adhesive backed paper one. These can be supplied on rolls or A4 sheets and it is possible to use the barcode for pricing, stock taking or keeping track of an item.

If you need a more durable barcode for an item such as an appliance or machine, we would recommend that a polyester label is used. This material will withstand moderate amounts of wear and tear, perfect for using on items that can be subject to moisture and moderate handling. The barcode on a polyester barcode label is embedded under a layer of plastic and the label bonded to the surface using a semi-permanent adhesive.

For a completely durable barcode label aluminium is the best medium for factory and warehousing use as the aluminium will withstand frequent abrasion, some types of chemicals and many years of use without the image being affected.

Whatever condition an item is likely to be subjected to, we will have the material, adhesive and printing technique to cope with it. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your special barcoding label needs.

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