Three benefits of using asset labels

Asset labels are a useful business item identification tool. In their most basic form they are basically a numbered label, which can be affixed to any number of assets or equipment. However, when used with asset management software they can become an invaluable tool which should be used by any business operation.

Labelling items
Asset labels can be used to label many items in your workplace, including:

• Protective equipment
• Computer equipment
• Uniforms
• Stationery supplies

Businesses can save a huge amount of money if they use asset tags, as the frequency at which items are lost will increase.

Deter theft
Asset tagging items has been proven to deter theft. If an item has a security mark or an asset tag affixed to it, people are less likely to steal the item as it then becomes difficult to sell on.

Insurance purposes
Insurance companies are frequently asking businesses to provide proof of ownership of an item before they pay out a claim. And a way you can prove ownership of any item on site is to show the insurance company your asset register which details each and every asset on site.

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