Three advantages of using security labels

Security labels might not stop a determined thief put they act as an excellent theft deterrent.

Security labels are being used more frequently in industry, especially by manufacturers of electronic goods, as they provide a visible deterrent against theft. They can be used on devices such as laptop computers, expensive tools and other valuable equipment.

The benefits of using security labels include:

Deter theft

Most security labels are semi-permanent, so cannot be removed easily. So if someone were to tamper with a security label the ‘label attack’ would be clearly visible, either by leaving a void message or the label braking apart. This makes the equipment unattractive on the black market and hence reduces the chance of theft.

Rental equipment

Companies who rent their times tend to use security labels on the items so they can check if they have been tampered with in any way.

Asset management

As well as their excellent security features, security labels can also be used for equipment tracking purposes and asset management purposes. A security label can feature a barcode, a company name or even just a number for asset tracking purposes.

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