The type of information you can print on an asset label

In the past we have gone through the sorts of benefits that can be gained from using asset labels in your business. The loss of an asset can really have a negative impact on the finances of a company, so it is necessary that managers make the best use of things of value to the organisation.

Asset tags can be used to manage fixed and portable assets in an effective manner, while they are normally encountered in all areas of a business. They are predominantly used to identify items or goods to make things easier for a company.

The adhesive behind each label is strong enough to ensure there won’t be any peeling and there is no limit to the kind of information that can be stored on an asset tag. However, below are some of the more common usages of asset labels:

• Barcode information
• Serial or part number
• Marketing copy
• Company name / logo
• Asset name and number
• Information on safety
• Details on what the product contains

As there are fairly few restrictions as to what information can be printed on asset labels, you can start to understand how it makes such things as stock taking that much easier. Once the label has been scanned, the information is updated on the company database.

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