The three benefits to a business of using asset labels

Office items need to be easily identified for numerous purposes, and to do this asset labels are perfectly placed in the market.

When asset labels are used with dedicated asset management software, keeping track of all the items you own becomes easy and a detailed itinerary is made possible.

Asset labels can be used to mark a range of different office items including laptop computers, tools, printers, scanners and even the office kettle or toaster.

Some of the benefits of using asset labels include:

Deter theft

If an item has a security tag or label attached it can deter theft. It’s also much easier to locate lost goods when they have a label attached, and goods which have a label can easily be reunited with their owners.


If an item has a label attached and a database of all the items is kept on a computer system, proof of ownership is guaranteed. This makes making insurance claims easy and helps with full visibility of all assets and how much they are worth.


Items which have an asset label attached can easily be located, thanks to the label and the database of the item’s location. This can save countless hours hunting for lost items and can hence save a company a huge amount of money which would otherwise be spent on man hours.

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