The numerous advantages of asset labels

Asset labels are commonly fixed onto a company’s expensive equipment so that the equipment can be tracked. These tags are used with asset management software so a comprehensive database of all the company’s items can be kept up to date.

Equipment which can benefit from asset tagging technology includes computers, tools, portable machinery and electronic goods. There are a range of benefits a company can gain from using asset tags, some of these include:

Proof of ownership

Many insurance companies need you to provide proof of ownership if your goods are damaged or stolen. Asset tags and asset management software can do this for you.

Tracking identical items

It’s not uncommon for large facilities to have numerous identical items. To differentiate between these products asset tags can be used.

Recognising equipment

Identifying equipment couldn’t be easier if you use asset tracking technology. If all your items contain an asset tag you can rent them out, lend them to other departments or even transfer them between separate business premises.

Asset labels or tags can be fixed onto a product or part using plastic ties or stuck on using a semi-permanent adhesive.

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