The necessity of durable labels

Putting a label onto a product is there for a definite purpose, it informs a person what is in the container, so it is pointless if it is going to fall off when faced with certain conditions such as varying temperatures or water for example.

A bottle of shampoo is very likely to be in contact with water and food may well be stored in a freezer for example, these products will have to have label which will withstand these conditions, stay firmly attached to the item and be readable.

Thankfully at Data Label we have a long experience and we can supply labels which will withstand all manner of harsh conditions, still maintaining their distinctive appearance. Now there is no value in taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut, so we will always provide a label that is guaranteed to be adequate for the job and nothing more.

Data Label has an enormous amount of different synthetic label materials available, and we can help you in matching the right material for your requirements, the right adhesive and if necessary protection by over varnish or lacquer. Contact us with your particular requirement and we will be happy to help, email our technical advisors at or call 01293 551520.

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