The law on product labelling

At Data Label we are always willing to advise our customers concerning the law with regard to what has to be included and information that is not necessary on a product label. To this end we publish here some of the things which fall into what must be included and how labelling must not be misleading to customers.

For example a label must not exaggerate or be misleading about the quantity or size of the item, the price, what he product is made from and how and where it’s made, suggesting that it was made in England when it was made elsewhere. You must not make exaggerated claims about what the product will do, where a product is endorsed, misleading statements from the individual or organisation cannot be included. You must always include safety information for products that could be dangerous.

In the sector that covers your particular business, you have to follow the rules if you manufacture or you sell or distribute items such as precious metals, footwear, food and drink, and products that are specifically for children. For the retail sector it is necessary to display on the product or shelf edge label the price and in this country this has to be in pounds and pence and include VAT where this applies.

If these rules and disregarded then you will be at risk of prosecution, if you are unsure one of our advisor will be happy to discuss this with you, alternatively you can always contact your local Trading Standards Office who we are sure will be of help to you.

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