The label is one of the focal points of a package

A label is more than likely to be the one visible reminder a customer has of you and your product, and this is one of the main reasons why the quality of the label is as important as the data or message that it is carrying. But appearance alone doesn’t define the quality of a label. A label must serve a practical purpose for a specific application, at DataLabel we produce the many custom labels that are used across industry for items such as: product identification, shipment addressing, bar codes, work-in-process, inventory control, pricing, promotional, and many other purposes.

In order that these labels are completely able to satisfy the application it is designed for, the labels has to adhere to many different surfaces. For example just some of the surfaces that we can cater for include: aluminium, corrugated, fibre packs and drums, glass, plastic, steel, and more. If you have a specific requirement, it is almost certain that we will have a solution and a label to suit it. We can print on most substrates including vinyl, paper, polyester and a range of tamper evident material. Barcodes do not present a problem and we utilise all major barcode systems, including the most popular EAN (retail) codes, code 39 and 128 symbologies. Adhesives fall into a number of categories and we can accommodate your needs through a wide range, including peelable, permanent and extra permanent adhesive.

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