The increasing popularity of smartphone barcode label scanners

We are all familiar with the linear barcode labels found on most products we buy, but Quick Response barcode labels are starting to appear more frequently.

Whereas the linear barcode is considered to be a one dimensional way of representing information, the QR code is 2D, allowing more information to be represented within the same area.

First designed for the car industry, its popularity soon spread to other industries. The QR code allows a greater amount of data to be read more quickly.

Barcode readers are now becoming popular for reasons not related to asset tagging and inventory tracking. Barcodes are now being used by consumers, and barcode label scanner applications are rapidly being downloaded onto smartphones.

These applications tend to be used by consumers who are looking for a good deal. When the barcode on a product is scanned by the phone, it can not only identify the item, but can also find the best price available.

Studies undertaken in the US show that the adoption of 2D barcode label scanning applications has increased dramatically in 2011, with the majority of users owning an Android OS Smartphone.

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