The importance of barcode labels on the factory floor

With many different types of barcode label now available it’s easy to become slightly confused regarding how important they are in certain environments. Take the factory floor for example, in years gone by a complicated system of number of tracking would have to be implemented to keep track of the movement of stock – thanks to the humble barcode label this has now been eliminated.

Pallet labels

Most factories see a great number of pallets of goods enter and leave the building at various times throughout the day. Pallet labels can easily keep track of these goods due to their ability to be stuck to a pallet and then scanned by operatives at any point in the pallet’s lifecycle. All the information regarding the pallet can be kept on a computer database so at any point in time complete stock visibility is achieved.

Barcode floor labels

In some instances barcodes can be affixed to the floor where items are stacked or placed. This gives operatives the ability to scan the barcode on the floor and the barcode on the pallet to ascertain stock levels. Floor barcode labels are usually made from a metal substrate and are fixed using a very strong adhesive.

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