The durability of asset labels

Barcode labels can be used in a variety of different applications and don’t just have to be used in a retail environment.

Simple paper barcode labels are the most popular type of label, but there are also a host of different labels which can be subjected to much harsher conditions.

Durable barcode labels can be used in harsh environments such as in factories where they are subjected to heat, dirt, liquid contamination and even chemicals. These types of labels won’t peel away from the surface to which they are attached, they won’t disintegrate and they won’t fade so can always be read by the user.

The main reason why barcode labels can withstand the above conditions is because they are now made out of a variety of different materials. Barcode labels can be made from vinyl, polyester and aluminium and the super-strong adhesive backing used means that when the labels are fixed in place they are extremely difficult to remove.

Durable barcode labels are used in warehouses, factories, distribution centres, stores areas and even in commercial buildings to keep track of a multitude of different assets.

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