The benefits of security labels

Security labels are becoming more common all the time across the business sphere. They are mainly used to prevent tampering or to provide evidence of tampering of a product or item.

The two main types of security labels currently available are:

Void labels

Void labels are designed so that if they are tampered with or if they are removed a ‘void’ message is left in the label’s place. The removed part of the label cannot then be reattached.

Tamper evident labels

Tamper evident labels break apart if someone tries to peel them off. Because of this they cannot be reattached or reused so the item’s owner can instantly recognise that tampering has taken place.

Security labels provide their users with a great many benefits. They act as a visual deterrent to stop the misuse of labelled items whilst also providing immediate evidence of ownership of the item in question. This can prove especially useful for hire companies who rent their goods to members of the public.

Security labels also have a home as packaging seals. If these labels are used in this type of scenario it is instantly easy to see if the package to which the label has been fitted has been tampered with.

With the use of security labels seemingly endless, it’s no wonder they have made their mark in the business world.

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