Tamper proof security labels

For security purposes and to ensure that a product has not been tampered with or unauthorised inspection of the item, tamper proof labels is one way to ensure this, as well as being a reliable way to prevent a label being transferred from one product to another in an attempt to gain a financial advantage, or theft.
We can offer a choice of two types of security label dependent upon your particular requirements. For warranty as well as label transfer we are able to supply you with a label, which when an attempt is made to remove it the word VOID appears. This makes it clearly apparent that an attempt has been made to remove the label. Normally these labels would be of durable polyester that allows a variety of printing methods to be utilised, including barcode printing and full colour digital printing.
The second kind of tamper proof security label is the destructible vinyl sticker, this simply breaks should its removal be attempted. With this material any attempt to remove the label will result in this label breaking into small pieces, much like flakes of paint. A very popular label with our customers and again this can be custom printed to you particular requirement with barcodes, sequential numbering, or even logos against a white background.

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