Tamper evident security labels

Many manufacturers are now realising the importance of marking their products with labels. These labels can contain information such as the serial number of the product or even contain information about the person who assembled the product.

Because technology is advancing all the time, many electrical and electronic products also benefit from using labels. However, these labels aren’t just used to establish the make and model of the product, these labels are also a way of identifying if a product has been taken apart or modified.

Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on their products. However, some people want to upgrade the product before the one year warranty expires, and take it upon themselves to take the product apart, invalidating any remaining warranty the product may have. And the way the manufacturer knows a person has done this is by using a tamper evident security label.

Tamper evident security labels are positioned around the seams of the electronic gadget so if the label is removed when the product is opened, the manufacturer will know the warranty has been invalidated.
Some tamper evident labels show a ‘void’ message when tampered with, whereas some simply break down into small fragments which can’t be reattached.

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