Some uses for our vinyl stickers

Our vinyl stickers have been used on a multitude of items, for example, we have supplied them for wine bottles and as security labels, increasingly they are seen on pharmaceutical products, many items of food packaging including freezer packs where they have to endure extremely low temperatures of minus 20 centigrade.

If you look in your freezer or food cupboard you can find many examples of vinyl stickers and we would be lost without them knowing instantly what the item is. The vinyl sticker in the food industry has to stand up to a lot of hard wear and tear, but still be firmly adhered to the product and of course perfectly readable.

Making these vinyl labels requires a printing process in order that the contents of the product are clearly visible as well as communicating possible uses suggested cooking advice and any safety advice or instruction. The way that we produce these labels is to ensure that the graphics or printed word is applied on a thin film and then an adhesive is applied. The adhesive is a very important part of the process and depending on the instructions we have been given as to the possible use and storage of the product, will determine the kind of adhesive that will be applied.

The normal finish that is given to these vinyl stickers is matt but it can also be high gloss which also acts as a protective film and helps add a level of protection against moisture. If you require a vinyl sticker or would like to discuss possible uses for one, contact us and we will be happy to talk you through all the options.

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