Some security label uses

Security labels are now being used more frequently by companies who want to make sure their goods are not stolen or tampered with. But what makes security labels so good at the job they do?

Types of security label include:

• Void labels are a type of label which is designed to leave the word VOID on the product if the label is tampered with or removed. This provides proof the item had been mistreated.

• Tamper evident seals are designed to split and break apart if anyone attempts to remove the label. The labels cannot be reused or repaired once they have been tampered with.

Advantages of security labels include:

A security label provides a visual deterrent against misuse or theft. The label also provides a suitable way to identify equipment, as often this type of label will feature a numbering system or barcode system for identification. These labels are used quite frequently as a packaging seal to provide evidence that a package has been opened.

The three reasons above are reason alone as to why security labels have become so common; you might not have realised it, but just about every new CD or DVD now features one of these security labels, take a look next time you visit your local music store.

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