Some of the ways in which asset labels can enhance security

An asset labels use is simply not confined to the numbering or the labelling of a product or a part. Asset labels can also be used for security purposes and to stop people tampering with certain parts of a machine or a device.

Security labels are available in tamper evident and void types:

• They provide a tamper evident seal so that they split apart and cannot be removed in one piece. The labels also cannot be reattached.
• They can provide a void message if the label is removed

They can be used to:

• Provide a visual deterrent to stop theft or misuse
• Provide ownership information
• Secure data so that it cannot be tampered with
• Label sensitive equipment
• Stop tampering of computer equipment
• Enhance vehicle security

Tamper evident seals are being used more frequently all the time, with their uses not being tied to just computer equipment. Tamper seals can be used to protect sensitive goods from being tampered with and are the perfect label to use for sensitive documentation storage or for numbering or labelling of portable appliances.

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