Some information about asset labels

Many companies are feeling the financial squeeze and are looking for ways to streamline processes and make monetary savings. If this is you, might not have thought about asset labels.

If you fix asset labels on all your company equipment, you can not only track your assets, you can also make the savings you are looking for.

What are asset labels?

Asset labels are a stick-on label which can be affixed to any item you own. If all your items are tracked, you can keep your assets secure so the chances of theft or the item being misplaced are minimised. If you use asset labels insurance premiums may also be reduced.

What are the available types of asset labels?

There are many different types of asset labels which are suitable for use on different assets. Some types of labels include polyester labels, paper labels, aluminium labels, polycarbonate labels and foil labels.

What information is available on an asset label?

Asset labels can contain information such as a number or a barcode, which can be checked against a central database. If barcodes are used they simply need to be scanned to update asset information. Company logos and names can also be added to asset labels so that company branding is maximised.

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