From simple beginnings to digital printing

Labels have been around for a very long time, it is believed that they were first used about 400 years ago and then of course the label would have been written by hand, or images cut into wood and the image pressed into the paper, using a press of some description. Gradually though the years and as a result of the industrial revolution, cylinder style printing was developed.

By the late 1970’s in Europe, the self-adhesive label began to appear and it was soon to gain around 7% of the market, today the figure is more than 40% and growing. Barcodes were beginning to be seen and it was the now defunct Fine Fare supermarket that put them onto the supermarket’s own label products.

As the demand for labels that would withstand rough handling, chemicals and water grew, so we saw the rise in the use of materials such as polypropylene. Manufacturers of high end products such as shampoos and toiletries wanted high quality printing for their items and the printing industry were quick to rise to the challenge and now digital printing is the way forward.

At Data Label we have kept in the forefront of label production and we are equipped with the very best digital printing technology, ready to meet today’s demand for high quality labels.

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