Security labels protect computer and audio equipment

We all want the latest hi tech equipment and because of this there is a huge market for the latest gadgets and gizmos. Whether it’s the latest phone or the most up-to-date computer, we always have to stay one step ahead of our friends. The problems with owing this type of equipment however is that on occasion things go wrong and a fault can develop with the device.

The repair of technological gadgets now creates a great deal of revenue for third party businesses worldwide. The manufacturers of this equipment don’t want third-parties opening up their technology however, they want to repair broken devices themselves so to protect the patent and the technology within the device.

Because the chances of opening a phone or a computer part are quite high, manufacturers of these types of equipment now use security tags and security labels on their products.

There are a couple of popularly used types of security labels currently available:

Tamper evident labels break into pieces when removed from a device. They are usually fitted over a manufacturing seam so if a device is opened the label is broken. The other type of security label that is currently available is the void label. When this label is removed from a device the word void remains on the device, showing that the device has been tampered with.

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