Security labels and their importance to the retail industry

Security labels are fast becoming a necessity in stores and warehouses as the number of thefts and shoplifting cases are on the rise. If you are wondering how these security labels do that, then read on.

How these security labels protect you from losses

An electronic device is used which emits high-frequency radio signals in the entire store or warehouse. These signals are emitted all the time. The security label on a particular product sets off an alarm at the exit of the store if a customer tries to get out of the store without paying for it. This saves you from even the smallest of losses you would otherwise face.

Why one should use security labels

These labels are most suited if you deal in small items like CDs, DVDs or cosmetic products. Security labels become a necessity for such products as they are easy to conceal. When a product is purchased, the label is deactivated using super-charged magnets. The magnet neutralises the signal and gives out a beep which indicates that the label is deactivated. This system is prevalent in many stores using asset tags.

These asset tags can be custom-made which gives the store owners complete freedom to get tags that suit their logo colour and brand style. Patented technology is used by a number of online shops that deal in asset tags and security labels.

These tags are very cost-efficient in spite of being customised according to customer needs. They do a great job to boost a brand name and bring in more revenue on a larger level.

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