Security labels and some of their uses

With business wanting to ensure that their equipment is protected at all times, security labels are now being used more frequently to ensure that these are not stolen or tampered with. Two of the ones most frequently used are Void labels and Tamper Evident seals.

With the void label, these are designed to leave the word VOID on the product if the label is tampered with or an attempt is made to remove it from the equipment. This clearly indicates that the equipment has been tampered with, or it has been mistreated in some way.

On the other hand a Tamper evident label is designed so that it will split or break apart if any attempts are made to remove it or interfere with the equipment by trying to open it for example.

The labels cannot be reused or repaired once they have been tampered with. These labels are used quite frequently as a packaging seal to provide evidence that a package has been tampered with or an attempt has been made to try to force it open, for example tamer evident labels are frequently seen on CD’s and DVD’s.

So with these two types of label it can be seen that they have a deterrent effect against misuse or theft, the labels can also be used to provide a suitable way to identify the equipment. This type of label will feature a numbering system or barcode system for identification.

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