RFID technology is becoming more popular across festivals

Developments of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology devices are becoming more popular amongst festivals all around the world. The small devices deliver fast scans of identifications at events and is the perfect source for fewer que times and faster entries for people. They’re the ideal approach towards making festivals a lot easier for festival goers to enjoy.

They’re the ideal size to be attached to wristbands, typically they go unnoticed and isn’t a problem when it comes to the overall comfort. The chips can also be used as a type of payment, at some festivals they enable you to create a digital wallet and permit you to make purchases. The fast reading chip simply allows you to tap and connect, just as like you do with contactless payments.

Going from paper tickets, to e-tickets, to now being able to use your phone as a form of entry. We’ve come along way in the terms of technology moving forward. Most festivals nowadays use this form of method, and people seem to benefit well from it all.

Looking into this further, we carried out a survey which asked people which form of payment method would they prefer to use at festivals?

Paper tickets, fabric wristbands and cash:

  • Generation Z – 20%
  • Millennials – 17%
  • Generation X – 31%
  • Baby boomers – 32%

RFID technology wristband entry and preloaded with cash:

  • Generation Z – 16%
  • Millennials – 18%
  • Generation X – 45%
  • Baby boomers – 21%

Mobile ticket entry, contactless card and smart watch payments:

  • Generation Z – 24%
  • Millennials – 48%
  • Generation X – 18%
  • Baby boomers – 10%

There’s also the security sides of things too, the device is able to identify each individual person upon entry. This is via ticket holders providing a photo for their identification. This will tackle fake ticket problems some festivals receive. We want to be able to reduce the number of fake tickets being sold, as of course it’s a crucial loss for festivals.

Our latest advancements

Top five latest technology advancements for festivals:

  1. Holographic concerts – Performances from past stars such as Michael Jackson have been reborn on stage for fans.
  2. Virtual tours – A simulated festival experience which gives people the opportunity to experience behind the scenes and areas where no one gets to go to.
  3. Meet and greet – Some festivals offer a simple touch of one another’s wristband to stay in touch together, via Facebook or other social media.
  4. Doppler Labs Here Active Listening – These customise what the wearer can hear at the concert, such as reducing chatter around them to amplifying bass of a set.
  5. Power Banks swaps – These allow people to keep their devices powered, just use a power bank and when it runs out swap it for a full one. EE are spearheading this which allows people to keep sharing on social media and still use contactless on their devices.

As you can see, our overall festival experience is becoming easier and easier, thanks to technology moving forward. The RFID chips enable faster ques, contactless payment options and a complete improvement on the security of tickets.

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