Reverse Printed Peelable Labels

The reverse peelable label is a great idea if you want to include more information about your product, but the space on it may be limited. The reverse printed label is ideal for products which may be food for example and you want to include cooking instructions, these are revealed when the label is peeled off and print read from the underside.

Similarly another use could be using a transparent substrate; the label can be used as a window sticker in a shop or on a car or bus window. As specialist suppliers of reverse printed labels we can advise you of the many different materials that can be used and with our high quality digital printing we can offer any logo or text, barcodes, and we are able to offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes from our range of cutters. We can accommodate small runs, or medium sized, we will give you a free quotation and samples upon request.

If you have a need or believe that you may soon need a reverse printed label, call us and we will be only happy to discuss the various options available. We are sure that we have the answer for whatever type of reverse and reverse peelable printed label you may be considering.

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