Removable Labels

There are times when a removable label is required, for example for CD’s and DVD’s, glass wear from windows, tables, ornaments and polished steel;  these labels can be supplied  in a variety of shapes, sizes or on sheets if required. These labels are often referred to as easy peel, super peel, or previously book peel, because as their name suggests, they can be easily removed from the product after sale.  Importantly the adhesive for these labels has been specifically designed to be peeled off once applied, leaving no residue behind.

These labels are very popular within the retail industry where the label would need to be removed if the end product was to be supplied as a gift for example, cut glass products, etc. The labels can be supplied in most formats and materials and they can be waterproof or weatherproof if the product requires this.

The easy peel labels can be supplied printed or plain and if printed we can offer a full colour or black and white option with a suitable coating such as UV varnished or laminated for added print protection.

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