Reasons you should consider stickers as a marketing tool

Technology now allows brands to advertise and increase exposure at the touch of a button, but for decades stickers have been and still are an effective marketing tool that companies use to promote their brands and products.

Here we will guide you through why you should look at stickers as a powerful and low cost marketing medium that can push your brand to the next level. Promotional self adhesive stickers now come in all shapes and sizes, and with modern printing techniques can be made weather resistant and easy to peel making them ideal for windows, gadgets, signs, phones and even people.

Studies have shown that people trust the recommendations of friends and family above anything else and that 90% of these recommendations happen offline. Having a promotional sticker which is easily identifiable, starts conversations and conveys the right message is a great way of promoting your brand for very little outlay in cost.

As opposed to other mediums of advertising, stickers are not perceived as advertising at all, in fact displaying a sticker, whether it is on a gadget, car, notebook or laptop is widely observed as being a personal endorsement of a brand, product or message.

Even if a promotional sticker is not displayed in public view they can still be a very cost effective advertising tool. Handing out a quality made sticker to you customers has more value than other advertising mediums such as flyers, business cards and brochures as they are harder to throw away and have the potential to engage the recipient time and time again, especially if the content is relevant and well designed.

Promotional stickers aren’t just an item that you give away, they can also be used on brand products and packaging, and even applied to serviced equipment.

If promotional stickers are done right they can also become profitable products in their own right. Your brand name, logo or slogan can become a powerful advertising platform, especially if you have a unique angle to market to a specific sector or demographic, have fans and advocates and can come up with a design that people want to show off.

So you see, stickers can be used in a number of ways to advertise, improve brand awareness, show off new products and services or convey a message. Sticker marketing is a lowest-cost, highest exposure marketing tool which is largely overlooked by both large and small businesses in favour of expensive online marketing.

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