QR codes take over Monmouth

Wikipedia is set to leave its mark on a town in Monmouthshire over the next couple of months. The internet giant’s Monmouthpedia project is expected to be a hit with visitors to the historic town of Monmouth.

The project will see Wikipedia hope to offer comprehensive coverage of the entire town with over 500 new articles in 25 different languages available to visitors. The scheme will use special barcodes, QR codes, which will be mounted at various locations around the town. Users can then scan the barcodes with their mobile phones to access the up-to-date Wikipedia entries to find out more.

Head of Wikimedia in the UK Roger Bamkin spoke on the Wikipedia website, he said:

“Three of the things that contribute to make Wikipedia work are topic-specific WikiProjects (“let’s write about a town), Wikimedia chapters (“let’s organize throughout the United Kingdom”), and unique ideas (“let’s use QR codes to share content”),

“This week these three things successfully came together to create Monmouthpedia, “The World’s First Wikipedia Town” in Monmouth, Wales.”

Monmouth residents have already backed the idea, with a celebration declaring Monmoth as the world’s first Wikipedia town.

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