QR code your marketing friend

The QR code was devised in 1994 and it is something which is being seen more and more on labels, documents even phone apps for example. The QR Code is capable of encoding more than 7,000 characters in a single symbol, whereas a single bar code symbol typically stores around 20 digits and we know that if the QR code was to encode the same as a barcode, 20 digits, it would be only one tenth of the size of the bar code.

Now as we can see the QR code is easily recognized because of the distinctive square “position detection patterns” at three corners of the symbol, allowing the symbol to be easily found and decoded by a QR Code reader, importantly it can be read at any orientation and also at any speeds. Customers do not need expensive specialist QR code readers either, an increasing number of mobile phones are also installed with QR Code readers, but if not, free reader software is readily available for most mobile platforms.

So we are finding that more businesses are inquiring about QR codes for use as a marketing tool, one example would be something simple like a QR code on a product which when scanned will take the user to the company website, suggest simple cooking instructions, even forthcoming events at a theme park.

If you are interested in using QR codes for your business contact us and we will be pleased to discuss all the options available and supply a quotation for supplying them to you.

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