The QR code can promote your business

We have only to look at how the barcode has transformed the way business works and it is certain that encoding of data can be extremely useful. This is where the QR code can be the next big transformation of how business is promoted.

QR codes are really just a type of barcode; although they encode data in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal plane. First used in Japan to track and trace automotive parts and when marketing departments saw how they worked and the fact that mobile phones could be used to scan them, the whole potential of the QR code became evident. We see the QR code just about everywhere now, magazines web pages, on product labels they have appeared all over.

The formation of the squares allows for more data to be encoded into a small space, far more than can be on a barcode. Also the QR code can actually embed information into the code itself so when read using appropriate software a file can be downloaded or even open a particular website, no wonder marketing managers could see the huge potential of the QR code.

So with many Android smartphones and Blackberries being able to read QR codes without having to download additional software, iPhone’s having a choice, from the multitude of QR reader apps on the App store, it easy to see how the QR code can become an invaluable marketing tool for most businesses. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss QR codes with you.

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