Product Label Ideas

When you are bringing a new product to market, one of the most important tools for your marketing department has to be the label. The label on the product is the first point of contact that the potential customer will see. Labels provide a wide range of information such as what your product actually is to what it is used for to how to use it. The label can of course have graphics or pictures and of course text which has all the information required by legislation and of course about the product itself. From the marketing point of view it should attract the purchaser to buy the item.

There are two other important things to consider when thinking about a label for a new product firstly the text and its style in other words fonts. Anyone using a computer will know that the amount of fonts that can be used is quite overwhelming. Naturally the font employed has to be attractive and to convey all the information in a readable way, not attractive but impossible to read.

Colour is important as well, you may have “house” colours and naturally these should not be changed unless you are completely changing your whole strategy of marketing. Also certain colours attract or repel, care should be taken here, blue for example is said to lower body temperature and reduce appetite, the colour red on the other hand on a label captures the most attention.

Your company logo if you have one should be used even though it may take up a lot of space because it logo continues to work for you even after the product is purchased, remains in full view while the person uses the product or the product sits on the shelf.

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