Preparing yourself for an post-apocalyptic world

We’ve created an infographic on how food supplies and identification labels hold up over time, all in the name of surviving the apocalypse.

Surrounded by flesh eating zombies, or an end of the world catastrophe, what would you do to prepare yourself? How long would you be able to last on the food supplies available?

Do you have the information you need in order to cope and survive? Will food supplies hold up over time? Could you gain information from the important labelling sell by dates?

How does food hold up over time?

What types of foods will hold up over time and which foods should you be looking for in a survival situation? If damage has been done to stored away foods, would the food still be edible even if you can’t read the sell by date?

There are many different types of foods that have sell by dates, either those that are refrigerated or stored in a dry place, all with their own life expectancies. Surely the majority of food would slowly become expired over time?

It’s clear that dairy products won’t hold out too long in the fight, so make sure you take advantage of the foods when you can. For example, milk, cheese, and butter will only last up to one day if there is no power. Your best survival foods are those tightly compact into food survival kits for emergencies. Emergency rations, and food biscuits lasting up to five years.

Another factor to consider is how food is stored and how secure it is. The cause of destruction, whether it be environmental damage, explosions, earthquakes or flooding could jeopardise the facts and information on labels.

There undoubtedly won’t be many manufacturing companies or active shops still making or supplying the goods, once a disaster strikes and takes over, so getting your supplies ready and being prepared is key to having enough essentials to last even a short while until you can plan your next move.

Durability of labels

How durable are informational signs and important to read labels? Retaining information is important for all survivors, not just for finding out what food is edible in the fight for survival but also for any potential warnings or directions they can give.

How long in the fight can labels and signs last for? When considering the worst of extreme weather conditions or any major war breaking out, what are the effects that can occur to important labels and information?

If damage arises, will it be readable? When surviving you most likely won’t have any luxuries like the Internet to seek out advice, guidance or any information from. So keeping labels intact is crucial.

Where you’d hold up over time

So if you’re concerned about how you will manage in an apocalyptic situation, why not measure up against the top movies and TV shows which face end of the world catastrophe’s and see what will last the time and what won’t.

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