Portable appliances are perfect products for the use of asset tags

The majority of UK businesses need to have their portable appliances tested at some time or another. This is because it shows that the check makes the produce perfectly safe to use and the way it is labelled demonstrates that the company is complying with current standards.

In fact, many insurers actually insist that portable appliances are tested on a regular basis if your premises and its contents are to be covered for damage and loss. Asset labels are therefore deployed in this way to label these portable appliances, while containing information about the equipment you have within the building.

These asset labels allow you to keep track of all the appliances on site and can record all types of data. A portable appliance tester or barcode scanner can be used to read the pre-printed information on the label. By having a centralised database, this enables you to find out which appliances are due a retest and so you can keep your insurance company happy. As you are in control of these matters you can instantly find out which appliances need to pass a certain test in the near future.

With various types of asset label to choose from, you can get the right kind for your particular environment and application.

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