Portable Appliance Testing Labels

Health and Safety regulations require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to workers. This is normally required to be done on a yearly basis to ensure that the item continues to be safe to use.

Companies carrying out these test have to fix a label to the item so that the product can be found and identified easily in the future, normally showing the date when the next test is due. Although many companies use an outside contractor, the cost can be quite expensive particularly if a lot of items are involved; a care home is one example where hundreds of residents’ televisions, radios lamps etc., have to be tested to ensure that they are safe.

Many care home providers and commercial and industrial work places now have an “in house” person to undertake this task checking on items such as computers, desk lamps and in factories things such as portable drills and floor cleaning machines.

However more often than not an electrical appliance company is involved and they will fix asset tags with barcodes on them to identify and when they return, they will have a previous record of the device.

We offer bespoke PAT inspection labels which can be bar-coded and also have the name of the test company for reference to call when needed again.

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