Portable appliance testing asset labels

Many company assets are required by law to be tested for electrical safety on a regular basis. For some portable equipment, such as computers or servers the frequency of these tests may only be set at once per year and the appliances might be relatively easy to find for the appliance tester. However, for other types of equipment such as electric power drills or electric welding gear the frequency of the test will increase, as will the difficulty in finding the equipment so it can be tested.

For the reasons given above, many sites across the country use asset labels on their equipment as a way of identifying which portable appliances which need to be tested. These asset labels usually contain a numbering system or a barcode which can be used to reference to a database so that finding the equipment so it can be tested is made easy.

When a portable appliance has been found using the asset label the test can then take place and any pertinent information found during the test can be entered into the database records. This information can then be used for inventory and insurance purposes.

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