PayPal launch mobile payment app

First there was cash, then cheques, then card payments, but just this week payment methods have taken a step further – the mobile phone.

Making payments at a store using a mobile phone would have been cited as science fiction just a few years ago, but it has now been made a reality thanks to the common barcode.

PayPal’s new payment app means that you can make a purchase for any item at participating stores just by selecting the PayPal app on your phone and showing the salesperson the unique barcode displayed. The barcode is simply scanned by the store assistant and the money is debited from your PayPal account – simple.

One of the best things about the PayPal app is that the stores don’t need to install any aftermarket equipment to accept the payment. The retailer simply has to use their normal POS equipment and standard barcode scanner which they’d use to scan the goods or a discount card or voucher and the payment is taken.

The first big brand group to take payments from phones is Auroria, who run big fashion labels Oasis, Warehouse and Coast.

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