What are the benefits of using custom labels?

Are you looking for ways to change your product identity? Are you looking to get a competitive edge? If yes, then you can now accomplish these results with custom labels. Well-designed custom labels can attract the attention of consumers and business prospects.

Mentioned below are some ways how custom labels can help your business:

1. Create an identity

Businesses can create an identity with the use of these labels. Customers can thus identify similar products or products from the same category with the help of custom labels.

2. Variety

Custom labels are also available in many different varieties. Businesses can also alter the shape and size of these labels as per their requirements. Similarly, other dimensions such as colour and pattern can also be altered. Mentioned below are some of the different types of custom labels.

• Custom printed labels
• Personalised labels
• Custom decals

3. Provide Information

Custom labels can also be used to carry important information about products. For instance, companies or manufacturers can provide extensive information related to ingredients used. Similarly, they can include manufacturing and expiry details along with warnings.

4. Cost-Efficient

Custom labels can be ordered in bulk, which means that they are very affordable and even small firms can afford to invest in them. Moreover, the benefits of using these labels far outweigh the costs.

Barcode labels – a smart option for any type of business

Today many businesses are making huge changes in their style of operations and management to keep up with changing trends. Barcode labels are one such product which have now taken over many traditional and manual types of product identification.

Advantages of Barcode Labels

The retail industry has embraced barcode labels as it helps in saving a lot of time and makes selling and products an easy process. The information and the price of the product are stored in the barcode label in the form of lines of differing thicknesses. Nowadays, these labels are used extensively all over the world.

Types of Barcode Labels

Whilst they may look very similar, barcode labels come in many different types. They are classified based on the base material on which they are inked. The base substance is known as stock. The three main types of barcodes are aluminium labels, ceramic labels and polyester labels. These can be customised and are available in various sizes. The adhesive backing can also vary.

Special software makes the symbols that one sees on a barcode label. The software forms and designs the black strips found on the barcode, and every one is unique.

Barcode labels are important in distribution, tracking inventory and work in process manufacturing. They are ideal because of the accuracy, consistency, speed and economy which they provide to the manufacturer.

Track your valuable assets using asset tags

Asset tags are important tools designed to help businesses to easily keep track of their valuable and expensive assets.

As high quality asset tags can now be obtained at an affordable cost, most businesses are now considering using them. Besides asset tags, you can also get asset labels, property ID tags, inventory asset tags and barcode asset labels to suit your needs.

Who should consider using asset tags?

Asset tags can be used by everyone who wants to track their assets and keep an accurate inventory. For example, companies, hospitals, schools, institutions, manufacturing plants and government organisations are some places where using asset tags can be helpful.

Benefits of using asset tags

Asset tags offer numerous benefits to businesses, the main advantage being asset tracking. This also means that asset tags are perfect for those products and assets that can easily be stolen, such as mobile phones, electronic equipment, machinery and other tools. Using asset tags, you can minimise the risk of theft and therefore avoid all unnecessary expenses.

Asset tags are available in different sizes, patterns and materials. Furthermore, you can even arrange for them to be specially designed with your company name, logo and other details printed on them. This will help you distinguish your assets from other similar products.

Barcode labels – an excellent way to reduce your operational costs

Do you want to find ways to reduce your business expenses? If yes, then you must consider using asset tags, asset labels and barcode labels in your business. Nowadays, many business owners are fixing barcode labels on their assets or equipment in order to keep efficient records and properly track items.

The main aim of barcode labels is to provide details about the assets or products whenever required. The following are some major reasons why you must consider using barcode labels in your business:

Provide accurate information

Barcode labels are programmed in such a manner that they provide accurate information to the operators. By fixing these labels on your assets, you can drastically reduce the chance of human error causing a costly mix-up. This will also help you to maintain records in a much better way.

Easy to use

Some people think barcode labels and their scanners are difficult to use, but this is not the case at all. The scanners are small sized devices which only have to be placed near the products in order to read the barcode. As barcodes are available in different sizes and shapes, they can be used on various products and gadgets easily.

Enhance business efficiency

Once you attach barcode labels on your business products then you can easily track them, whenever needed. This will help in lowering operating costs and minimising mistakes. This way, you can run your business more efficiently.