There is more to a barcode than a series of lines

The barcode has a multitude of uses, for example they can be in the retail sector for pricing, also document tracking, the tracking of goods or equipment, inventory control, and asset management. There are a number of stages that will go into the production of barcode labels, all of which ensures the high calibre of the product.

Two of the stages are generating the actual image for the barcode; this is normally achieved through thermal transfer. We then add the adhesive and there are a number of different adhesives used in the production of barcode labels, dependent upon the surface they will be used on and the environment the product will be stored or used in.

We can supply the most popular EAN-13 (retail), codes 128, 39 and QR formats and by utilising the latest digital print technology we can incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, the barcode label can be customised, for example you may wish to incorporate elements such as a company logo with your barcode labels. delivered within a matter of days!

We offer a range of materials, again this will depend upon the environment the label will be used in and although normally these are on white paper or even polypropylene materials. For more demanding situations such as on an item which could be subject to harsh environments, they can be produced with polyester and aluminium.

Asset labels that will withstand the toughest conditions

For any company which owns modern high-tech electrical equipment and valuable machinery keeping them tagged is vital but the tags or labels have to also be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. Tagging your assets allows you to track them constantly as well ensuring they are a deterrent to thieves.

With asset label it is no longer necessary to keep huge files of all the equipment owned by the company you can simply have all the information labelled with a barcode. Whenever required, the information can be scanned via a bar-code scanner.

For heavy equipment, there are a variety of labels to choose from depending on the purpose you need, these would normally have tough metallic labels which can survive harsh conditions such as exposure to corrosive chemicals and intense heat. The information is carefully sealed within aluminium and protective anodising and is protected for years, against heat, cold and physical damage. Teflon is another material which can and is used for labelling heavy machinery subject to these conditions.

If your equipment will be used outdoors and will be exposed to moisture, steel labels are ideal for the purpose as this is anti-corrosive and can withstand harsh weather. The steel label is also extensively used within the food and catering to ensure that there can be no contamination from metal or other materials. With steel labels’ the data and barcodes are super fused onto a stainless steel surface and able to withstand temperatures of up to one thousand degrees.

Contact us and we will be pleased to discuss with you the many options available for asset labels’ that might be subject to harsh conditions.

Why it is cost effective to choose high quality barcode labels

When barcodes are used on industrial equipment for the purpose of asset tracing or when hired out, the label has to be durable and by durable this means that it must withstand corrosion, heat, cold, UV light and solvents.

A variety of materials can be used for this type of barcode; these could be listed as warehouse barcode labels, industrial use barcode labels and polyester barcode labels. The kind of material from which the barcode is produced is not the only factor, printing is of equal importance and this will depend upon the printing technology used. In order to print long lasting images, thermal printers are used; you will find that these thermally printed labels are scratch-resistant and far more durable than ordinary labels.

Under normal circumstances barcodes are manufactured using white paper or polypropylene, but for use in industrial situations, where durability is essential, we can print on premium materials such as polyester and aluminium. We find that these more durable labels are found in engine bays or attached to heavy duty machinery, where chemicals or possibly abrasion are commonplace.

Adhesive is also an important part of ensuring that the barcode is durable, we are always pleased to discuss the right adhesive when we know the particular application for the barcode and the environment in which it is likely to be used.

Contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the various options which are available if you have the need for durable barcode labels.

Asset tags can improve business efficiency and promote the company name

If you have a business, it’s important that you secure your assets and the best way to do this is by attaching an asset label. All the relevant information is stored on a database which will ensure that all your assets are recorded including their monetary value; this can help your business efficiency.

Asset labels and tags are available in a wide range of different options ranging from tags which are highly durable so suitable for industrial use, to tags which although they can be manufactured using a variety of materials, they do not focus on the wearing properties as much, but instead feature a barcode or a brand name for ease of use. Asset tags should be fitted to all of your company property such as laptop computers, and by adding a barcode it is a simple task to swipe with a barcode reader to ensure that your inventory registers are up to date.

It is possible of course to use an asset label as a way of further improving the brand name or status of the company. Branded asset labels work especially well for hire shops where the asset tag proves vital for inventory control and the brand message helps promote the store which hired the item to the customer.

If you would like more information about how asset tags could work for your company, call us on 01293 551 520, or email and we will be pleased to discuss the many options with you.

Barcodes are not just about product pricing

Yes, product pricing is a vital function of a barcode; it enables goods presented to a cashier, or at the checkout, to accurately display the price of the item, this ensures that the products are labelled with price and product information and this in turn reduces labour costs. Prices and details can be changed on the main system without the need for relabelling items, is one example of cost saving.

The barcode has other important functions which helps business to run efficiently, for example for businesses that ships out goods to individuals or perhaps to other companies, the barcode can be used to accurately track the progress of shipments. This means that it is possible to check on items which may have been reported missing, delayed and as proof of delivery.

Similarly, document tracking between departments or other companies is another use for the barcode, you can mark documents with barcode labels to ensure they are properly filed, sent and received on time.

Stock and inventory control are vital operations in any well run business and by using barcodes it will make his task simpler and easier, it also ensures accuracy. Using barcodes labels for inventory and stock taking ensures that mistakes which can occur through human error are drastically reduced, or even eliminated.

If you believe that our company could benefit from using barcodes for any of these functions, call us and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Making inventory management simple with the use of asset tags

The problem of keeping check on stock or equipment that is moved around fomr one warehouse to another can be a headache for management, similarly when items are sent out for repair or maybe loaned out. With constant moving around, it is easy for management to lose track of items and for this reason, it is essential for companies to invest in an effective security plan. Asset tags are an effective way of maintaining stock levels and tracking equipment.

Asset tags are probably the way that most companies overcome these difficulties; they are commonly used in commercial establishments and in the retail industry, where many items often need to be tracked. In the retail world we increasingly see asset tags with barcodes and magnets to keep track of stock levels; these reduce the incidence of theft and also switching of price tags, once a very common practice.

In our industry as with many others, technology is improving constantly and new techniques involving asset labels are being developed regularly. Whilst sticky labels are still very popular, barcodes and hologram labels are very widely used. Business has seen that the use of asset tajs has had an impact by making life easier for management and reducing valuable employees time and saving companies money by reducing loss and theft.

With the use of the correct asset tags, inventory management can be made very easy.

Weatherproof barcode labels

If you need barcode labels for goods, equipment or merchandise that requires storage in non-standard environments, you will have to ensure that the labels are specially designed to be durable and completely suitable for the conditions.

Durable labels are now available that can withstand extreme heat and cold, outdoor environments, wind, rain and sleet as well as exposure to mild to moderately hazardous chemicals, you may need labels which are resistant to abrasion or other risks of surface damage

These labels are designed to remain intact and perfectly functional even in these extreme conditions. This means you can read them, scan them and easily see them even if they have been outdoors or in a hot, damp environment for months. Some are over-laminated or coated with other protective substances, whilst some are made from super-durable vinyl.

Naturally much depends upon the conditions and just what they may be needed for, we can supply durable barcode labels that can withstand temperatures as low as -40˚C and as high as +150˚C. By not using specially adapted barcode labels valuable time of employees may be spent and that means unnecessary effort and money replacing them when they fade or disintegrate. There is also the risk that mistakes will be made during inventory checks or at stocktaking, which will inevitably lead to problems further on. By using the correct label for the conditions and environment, problems can be averted.

The law on product labelling

At Data Label we are always willing to advise our customers concerning the law with regard to what has to be included and information that is not necessary on a product label. To this end we publish here some of the things which fall into what must be included and how labelling must not be misleading to customers.

For example a label must not exaggerate or be misleading about the quantity or size of the item, the price, what he product is made from and how and where it’s made, suggesting that it was made in England when it was made elsewhere. You must not make exaggerated claims about what the product will do, where a product is endorsed, misleading statements from the individual or organisation cannot be included. You must always include safety information for products that could be dangerous.

In the sector that covers your particular business, you have to follow the rules if you manufacture or you sell or distribute items such as precious metals, footwear, food and drink, and products that are specifically for children. For the retail sector it is necessary to display on the product or shelf edge label the price and in this country this has to be in pounds and pence and include VAT where this applies.

If these rules and disregarded then you will be at risk of prosecution, if you are unsure one of our advisor will be happy to discuss this with you, alternatively you can always contact your local Trading Standards Office who we are sure will be of help to you.

Get Car Window Stickers Working for you

We have all seen them at some time, we may even have been attracted by what one was offering us and if this is the case than the car sticker has done the job that was intended. Car stickers can be used for a variety of purposes, on the motor trader’s forecourt they can be used a number of times, for example a car sticker on the windscreen of a car announcing “Low Mileage”, “One Owner” are just two examples of a sticker that can be used any number of times.

Here at Data Label we have the capability to produce a variety of car window stickers, for business, clubs, visitor attractions and more, promotions is where the car sticker comes into its own. We are not restricted to a limited range of shapes or colours, you choose the shape, the size and the colour combination, we use your design, or we can offer suggestions, we process this and then you have you advertising ready to put onto cars, although most of these stickers are used on cars, we have supplied them for boats and there are many other places that these are seen.

You do not have to buy huge quantities either, we can supply a run of just 100 as a starting point or for a big campaign several thousand. We offer the car sticker that can be used to either go on the inside of the window, or the outside, they can be removed which are self-cling, or we can use a peelable adhesive if preferred. However, if you would like them to be permanent, then that is what we can do.

There are three ways in which we can produce car window stickers, tell us how you would like to use them and we can advise whether to have them supplied as single pieces, on sheets or on rolls. On a roll is usually the most cost effective solution. Request a quote today by calling our friendly and efficient customer care team on 01293 551520. Alternatively, fill out our quick and simple online enquiry form and we’ll call you.

Why Product Labels Matter

We are all aware that the product label is an important element in marketing and selling a consumer product. Consumers need to know about the product, such as what the product is, how much it costs, how to use it, and how to store it. A product label might also need to comply with industry or government regulations, or offer warnings of any dangers should the product be misused. Importantly of course the product label needs to sell the product by telling the customer what it is, perhaps containing a brand image such as a logo.

We can see that the product label has a big job to do, and on a wide variety of products; produce, beverages, and food packaging are just a few types of products that require specific kinds of labels; different products present their own particular challenges as well as requirements. For example we know that for some labels they may have to withstand refrigerated or frozen distribution or storage, or endure application in a wet or cold environment, directly or indirectly in contact with the food. In addition these kinds of items have to have statutory information printed on them; content and make up, nutritional information, storage or cooking instruction are just some.

The labels have to be eye catching and attractive to the customer and with our digitally printed labels, we provide you with high-quality, full-colour labels for short run projects requiring variable data, images, or other information. We can help you design just the right label in a variety of shapes and sizes, using only the best materials so that your label performs from start to finish. Call us today and we will be pleased to discuss your particular labelling requirement.

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