Digitally printed window stickers

A window sticker is an ideal medium for launching a new product or for advertising a special event that it to take place by a club or society. Window stickers are a cost effective way to promote a product, are highly visible and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements, in small to medium sized runs.

Whatever your personal requirements are, size, shape or colour, Data Label will satisfy those requirements and the window sticker can be supplied in a number of options, static cling vinyl for example, or these can be supplied in either low-tack or permanent adhesives to suit the particular application. Also they can be self cling vinyl, which does not use adhesive, so they can be used again and again.

By using our modern digital printing medium, we can supply a variety of options for the window sticker, importantly, by this method of printing we can supply small to medium sized runs of custom printed window stickers, at a very cost effective price.

If you would like to discuss the options available, with a free quotation and samples of window stickers, call us and talk to one of our team, we will be delighted to help you.

Solvent Resistant Labels

Not all labels need to be solvent resistant, but there are occasions when they do. Household items that are often stored under the kitchen sink for example, these could be everyday items such as cleaners or disinfectants, the secret to labelling as we know is to give the product a high profile when on the shelf, but it also needs to be clear when at the home too.

The label may need to be made of a special material, these could include polypropylene or polyethylene, making the filling of the bottled after labelling possible. Remember the label is you sales person, always there giving out your message.

At Data Label we have invested heavily in the right printing equipment, and we can offer flexible choices for your labels. We have the solution to most requirements when solvent, chemical or water resistant labels are needed. With our digital printing process, we can easily cater for small to medium sized runs and we are also able to supply these solvent, chemical or water resistant labels on rolls, in a wide variety of size options

If you have a need for a solvent resistant label, talk to us and we will be happy to discuss the various options that can be provided. Data Label has the solution and is able to provide a solvent resistant label just right for you.

The right label for the job

We manufacture labels for just about every application, the right material for the label, the right print, and the best adhesive for the environment your label will be used in. We can supply fully supply bespoke plain and printed labels on rolls and A4 Sheets, simple plain labels, to full colour printed of a specialist nature, however you want them.

We will naturally give you a quotation completely without obligation and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements over the phone, or if you prefer an initial enquiry through email. With now over 25 years of supplying labels to all sections of industry and commerce, we will guide you through the process of design if needed, and through your entire options, help you choose a material that’s perfect for your labels, through the label printing process, in fact everything from the start to the completion and delivery of your labels.

Because there are so many different kinds of material used in making a label, it could be confusing, but we will help you choose a material that’s perfect for your needs. For example what are the labels to be used for, will they be for bottles stored in a fridge, the environment they are to be used in, does the label need to be stuck permanently or will it be removed?

Just give us a call, or send an email and we will get the ball rolling, we’re here to make it less of a problem for you to get exactly the right label for your product.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are now everywhere we look, magazines, products, airlines are also slowly looking at bringing them into everyday use. So if you have been looking at these little squares of dots and might be considering using them in your marketing strategy, size is an important thing to take into account.

The first thing that has to be understood about a QR code is that it is usually read by the modern smartphone and so here are a few things to take into consideration. It is not the size of the code image that determines the minimum size at which the code can be scanned; it’s the size of the modules, these are the tiny black squares that make up the QR code or image. So to ensure that it is readable, it must not fall below the resolution limit for the camera on the smartphone.

The main consideration when determining the size of your QR code has to be the distance at which the camera will have to scan. To put this simply, the further the distance the camera is from the QR code, the smaller the code will appear in the camera viewing window. This will of course make the modules appear to be smaller, until the distance is increased so much that and the modules become so small that the image will not be readable.

If you are considering using QR codes, we will be happy to discuss with you the various things that the code can be used for and supply you with a competitive quotation.

Bespoke Printed Labels

You have made a quality product and it does not make any sense to put a poor label on the product which will only suggest to the potential buyer that the product is of poor quality also. What is need is a high quality bespoke label that through high quality printing conveys to the customer that you care about product and how it is displayed.

We have well over 25 years of experience in producing high quality printed labels; in fact we take pride in the fact that we are the UK’s leading label manufacturer of custom printed labels. These high end products include a wide variety of labels including security labels, asset labels, product labels, barcode labels amongst many.

All our printing is undertaken in house and we have invested in the latest digital printing press to bring our customers the best printed labels in a very short time. This investment means that we are able to keep our costs as low as it is practically possible; one way is that we can now eliminate the need for expensive printing plates, a saving passed on to you.

We are aware that whilst we can understand the need for a special shape or size may be required to be in keeping with special house design, we can usually provide just what you are looking for with one of our stock cutters and we have over 5,000 different ones from which you can choose. If however a special one is needed, this can be provided at a very small charge.

If you are unsure about the right type of label for your requirements then please contact us and one of our in house staff will be only too pleased to discuss how we can meet your exact needs.

Barcodes and their uses

We are all today aware of barcodes and many of their uses, and although it first appeared in America 62 years ago, although it took a little while for it to become established there, but by 1979 a visitor to the United States from the UK would have wondered how the supermarkets and pharmacies managed to get all the items into the cash register in such a short space of time, the barcode was virtually unheard of here then.

Now of course they appear on just about everything and their use have meant that cost can be kept lower. Because it is faster to scan an item than it is to key in the price at a cash register, it means less check out staff, which eventually means lower prices.

We thought that we would just give a couple of instances where bar codes are in use, one is actually an amusing if somewhat difficult to believe. One person told of the use of barcodes in her line of work which was in the National Blood Service where she was employed in the laboratory. There barcodes are used to make sure all blood products are accounted for during processing, an invaluable use of the humble barcode.

The other you involved a person who had their national insurance number tattooed to their arm for some reason, they came across another who had a similar tattoo and when asked what it represented, the reply came back “sorry don’t know, think it might be a loaf of bread”! We think alcohol might have been in the equation somewhere!

A lot has happened in sixty two years

It has been a very busy 62 years and a lot of things have happened in that time. Men have gone to the moon and back, there have been numerous conflicts and many Prime Ministers have come and gone. Queen Elizabeth also came to the Throne in February of 1952, but our industry has seen some significant changes too.

In October of that year, a patent was filed in the United States that would eventually affect the way we shop and how business and industry operate, the barcode came into life. Today according to the regulator GS1 UK, there are more than five million individual barcodes in use worldwide.

But it was not until 1974 that the famous little black and white stripes appeared, the first item to be read was a humble packet of chewing gum, we did not have laser technology to read them until then!

Barcodes today perform a multitude of tasks and new ones are being discussed to see if they are both feasible and time saving. The QR code is the very latest new idea that is appearing on items and in advertisements, this is an image made up of dots, which can contain more data than a barcode. The main purpose is different from that of the barcode, the QR code’s main purpose is to direct a person to another web page or manufacturers catalogue for example. It can be a very useful addition on a label.

An invisible barcode is being developed

Well it’s not the sort of thing that we could provide for you business, it is however a very useful tool in the fight to detect to track explosives, medicines and bank notes.

Although it is not in any way a conventional barcode, but it is a very interesting development that has been found by a research team at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in America. They found that some nano-particles have unique characteristics that can be used to mark items, reduce crime and counterfeiting; they are so small that they can be put into any object.

As an illustration, the scientific team put tiny particles into an explosive called dinitrotoluene, and they found that the unique “tag” could be detected even after the explosive has detonated.

By adding these nano-particles to a currency note it is possible to detect if it is real or a counterfeit. Similarly it can be used to authenticate many item such as medicine, in fact just about any other objects.

We wonder if it would tell you the price as well, we doubt it!

Permanent and tamper proof labels

When fixing asset tags or labels to your valuable equipment it is vital that they are permanent and difficult, or impossible to remove. This kind of label should be made from vinyl as it is a far better option than using paper.

The adhesive that is necessary will form a super strong bond between the label itself and the surface of the equipment to which it is being attached. The glue hardens over a period and it is at its maximum strength is usually after a period of four hours, by which time it is virtually impossible to remove.

This kind of label and adhesive is normally seen on equipment found in offices, schools, as well as many IT companies and is used on workstations, keyboards, monitors, hard drives and mobile equipment. This kind of label and adhesive has been developed to overcome the previous problems that were found when trying to stick asset labels to the plastic used on computers.

Ensuring that an asset has not been tampered with and has been opened is now overcome by using a label which clearly displays void if an unauthorised person has attempted to open or tamper with the equipment.

Ideally this kind of tamper proof label is used on IT equipment of all kinds as well as music systems, medical equipment, and many other kinds of communication devices.

Help with inventory control and sales using asset tags

Keeping a tight hold on inventory control is a vital function in any organisation which is involved in manufacturing or distribution of products. This is best achieved through labelling and ensuring that they are coded which will make the task of inventory control of each asset easier to manage.

Tagging of assets ensures that products do not go missing in transit or storage, and also help prevent theft. The kind of tag will depend upon the asset, for example, immovable equipment can be tagged permanently by aluminium, vinyl and laminated polyester labels, whilst equipment of a temporary or items in transit can be easily tracked with plastic or paper based labels. Modern offices contain many expensive equipment items. The tagging of the equipment makes it easier to maintain them.

In retail environment, bar coding has helped the efficiency of supermarkets and others stores by keeping track of items which are in the store and efficiently calculates the number required in the future. We are of course all very familiar with the barcodes which are now part of just about every item in shops; these are read at the checkout by an optical reading machine and have transformed retailing throughout the world.

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